Hostile Work Environment with Marc and Dennis

The podcast that grabs your...attention

We're Marc and Dennis. We're employment lawyers.

Employment law and Human Resources can often feel like an episode of Jerry Springer.


The crazier, more salacious, and head-turning the story, the more we sit back and think, "man, we love our jobs."

And now we're here to bring those true stories of harassment, discrimination, body odor, drunkenness, and much more to you.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy great stories of workplace drama, along with some nerdy law-talking-guy analysis. We promise it'll be at least one step up from Lionel Hutz.

If you're an HR professional, manager of people, or just anyone who loves a good water cooler story, this is the podcast for you.

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Praise for Hostile Work Environment

"It's so not as funny as they think it is." -- Marc Alifanz, Portland, OR

Real iTunes reviews (we totally didn't pay for)


Only D

by barkleyummy from United States

You’ll want to subscribe to this one!

I love how humor and authenticity are mixed with intellectual pondering and analysis. If you are a wonk with a sophmorish sense of humor like me, you’ll love this.

by Qwertyvkfkf from United States

Really good stuff!

From decades of practicing employment and labor law (depends on the client), I really like your podcasts. I particularly like the latest one with HRUprise and Rebecca Weaver.

by Another old lawyer from United States

You Make Mondays AWESOME!!

I have been a listener since episode #1. My husband and I commute together for work and I even have him getting involved in the HR issues of the podcast. I have to be very careful when drinking my coffee and listening for fear I may spit out my drink. Thank you both for making my Mondays awesome!!

by PRGirl67 from United States

Epic stories!

As a middle manager in the corporate world, this show makes me LOL ‘cuz it’s all so true. Thanks for keeping my commute entertaining!

by Karkies79 from United States