Hostile Work Environment with Marc and Dennis

The podcast that grabs your...attention

We're Marc and Dennis. We're employment lawyers.

Employment law and Human Resources can often feel like an episode of Jerry Springer.


The crazier, more salacious, and head-turning the story, the more we sit back and think, "man, we love our jobs."

And now we're here to bring those true stories of harassment, discrimination, body odor, drunkenness, and much more to you.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy great stories of workplace drama, along with some nerdy law-talking-guy analysis. We promise it'll be at least one step up from Lionel Hutz.

If you're an HR professional, manager of people, or just anyone who loves a good water cooler story, this is the podcast for you.

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Praise for Hostile Work Environment

"It's so not as funny as they think it is." -- Marc Alifanz, Portland, OR

Real iTunes reviews (we totally didn't pay for)


I really enjoy the banter between these two employment attorneys who seem to have seen or heard it all. Their common sense take on situations is refreshing and the way they tell listener stories is hilarious. I’ve recommended to all my HR friends and those who have asked me what HR is like.

by Cheetonium from United States

I Enjoy Everything About This Podcast

I am a sixteen year old and an aspiring employment attorney. I was introduced to this podcast mid July by my mom who shared with me your Fluids episode. After laughing hysterically to that episode I went back and listened to every episode since. I love your Archer introduction and the movie quotes at the end and listen every chance I get to new episodes. Keep up the good work!

by Aspiring Attorney from United States

Getting Through My Own Hostile Environment

This show is awesome! I actually was going through my own “Hostile Work Environment” issues and was looking for something to help me get through. This show helped open my eyes to A LOT of issues that needed to be brought to light. So, they are life savers and do not even know it!! Thanks Again, for taking the time out of your day to make these podcasts because somewhere out there, they help people like me. -Stuck In A Dying Illinois City

by Jwebb1725 from United States

Entertaining & educational

While the episodes are a bit long, mostly because of ramblings/interruptions on Dennis’ behalf, I do enjoy the stories discussed and brainstorming possible solutions between these two gentlemen. Thank you for bringing humor to the sometimes difficult conversations within these HR issues. More guest speakers, please!

by Cali Catie from United States

It’s like having beers with your uncles in the best way

Now sure, not all uncles are created equal, but when you hang out with an intelligent, personable, and slightly dorky uncle you are experiencing what my own slightly dorky uncle would refer to as a “slice of life”. What Marc (with a c) & Dennis (two ns) bring to you weekly (it matters if you care about the French spellings of their names you see) is quite a bit like listening your uncles talk about their careers and expertise. Marc & Dennis’s careers and expertise, as it happens, is relatable to practically every person who has ever had a job. Marc & Dennis break down (what to you and me would be) very intricate and baffling questions regarding employment law, and they make their observations in language that is, like, understandable AF. But get bent if you take what they say as legal advice. If you haven’t called your (supportive and slightly nerdy) uncles lately, take this opportunity to do so. If you don’t want to or you have no uncles, come see what all the fuss is about. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

by Rose City Soccer Guy from United States