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Episode 53 – Dennis Corrects His Wild, Flaming Idiocy


What topic was so horrifically awful that even Dennis didn’t think Marc should present it to a live audience?  Listen and find out…if you dare! We also launch a new segment we like to call “Dennis Corrects His Wild, Flaming Idiocy.” And as per usual, a listener-submitted story that is way better than 98% of…

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Episode 52 – Sometimes You Should Just Shut the Fork Up (Live from PNERF 11-8-18)


What are the top five employment law risks you should know about? Is it okay to classify your fast food workers as executives? How can a job interview lead to a lawsuit? Is Catholo-Satanism a real religion? Marc and Dennis explore these topics live before a studio audience at the NW Enterprise Risk forum in…

Episode 50 – The Death and Dismemberment Episode (Live from PHRMA Oct 2018)


Wow – our 50th episode, and it was recorded live! Four great stories all about workplace onanism. When is an employer responsible for preventing its employees from murdering one another? And two listener-submitted stories from a live, living and breathing listener! Recorded live at PHRMA’s Member Appreciation event in Portland Oregon on October 24, 2018.…