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Episode 23 – Flippin’ the Proverbial Bird


Can you really get fired for flipping the bird? What if you flip off POTUS’s motorcade? What if you work for a government contractor? What if you post a photo of you flipping off POTUS’s motorcade on Facebook and tell your boss about it? Marc and Dennis are joined by very special guest Kate Bischoff…

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Episode 22 – Hate to Break it to You, But I Think You’re an Anti-Semite


Marc and Dennis talk about Jewish Holidays, a clever segue into an epic tale of antisemitism, intolerance, the internet, poor choices, and lard pie crusts. They break down an equally epic live twitter stream of a workplace investigation. Finally, can dead people sue you (without rising from the grave or any of that Twilight nonsense)? …

Episode 21 – The Per Capita Strip Club Capital of North America


Dennis returns from trial. We discuss first day of law school scary stories. Marc asks when is a BFOQ really a BFOQ.  A discussion of Hamilton.  Marc totally name-drops Lin Manuel.  Christian colleges discriminate in hiring. A transgender funeral director is victorious. A sobering but compelling listener story. Check us out on Patreon — we now…