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Episode 19 – Don’t Throw the Feces of Deceased People in the Workplace


So, you think you have a crappy job?  We’re willing to bet it’s not as crappy as this whisteblower’s job in a crematorium.  (Warning-if the title of this episode creeps you out, you should really listen to whatever NPR is offering this week).  A plastic pumpkin leads to an arrest and a case of workers’ comp…

Episode 18 – The Nurse Capades on Ice


This one is for the recruiters! Marc and Dennis discuss several cases on how recruiters/employers get themselves into legal hot water with hiring. The DOL does an audit and uses math and statistics to bust someone for discrimination in hiring. Another employer failed to promote an employee based on his national origin and religion. Queens bakery…

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Episode 17 – One Boob Grab Gets the Whole Company Kicked Out


Our first of what is presumably many update episodes! The Supreme Court denied certiorari in Consol Energy v. EEOC, a case we discussed in Episode 1. This is the case where a coal miner employee was fired after objecting to using a hand ID scanner because it would be marking him with the biblical sign…