Episode 10 – I Mean Bombthrowing Figuratively, Of Course

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Ann Fromholz joins us. She’s the bomb. Like, seriously. If you’re in California and need help, you should hire her.

We discuss the Damore v. Google complaint. It has plenty of words, but actually feels more like a picture book. And still somehow has less substance than most children’s books.

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About the author, Marc

Marc Alifanz is the co-host of the Hostile Work Environment Podcast with Marc and Dennis, and founder of Four Peaks Employment Advisors. Marc lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Tracy and precocious 8-year old twin daughters.

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  1. Kayza on 01/15/2018 at 6:39 PM

    He was pretty explicit that women are “biologically” less qualified to be software engineers. He brought a whole slew studies that supposedly “proved” this.

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