Episode 11 – Aquagirl

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Hey hey peeps.

First off, we sincerely apologize for the sound quality of this episode. We’re not sure what happened, but I suspect it has something to do with Dennis’s 1997 laptop with the Intel 386 processor.

Now, I know that you love hot dogs. And despite Ann and Dennis’s objections, Rutt’s Hutt really is the best. Their website will tell you all about rippers — they fry that dog until the casing rips. Those two seriously don’t know what they’re missing.

Image result for rutt's hut ripper

Also, here’s a link to the Above the Law stories all about Aquagirl.

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About the author, Marc

Marc Alifanz is the co-host of the Hostile Work Environment Podcast with Marc and Dennis, and founder of Four Peaks Employment Advisors. Marc lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Tracy and precocious 8-year old twin daughters.

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