Episode 12 – So far outside the bounds of decency…

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We discuss Ellingsworth v. Hartford Fire Insurance Company, and consider whether sexual orientation claims can be covered by federal discrimination laws.

And, our esteemed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, announced last year that the federal government now takes the position that civil rights laws don’t protect transgender employees. But…based on the Farrier case, it seems the judicial branch may not agree so much.

Minh Huynh applied for a job with Seattle-based Dash Delivery. In return, he received an insensitive and nasty response from their HR Manager about his suspicion that Mr. Huynh didn’t speak English. But sometimes things work out for the best.

And we talk about a burger joint that doubles as a drug front. Well here’s a different case, which is really strikingly similar. Remember, order those fries “extra crispy” if you want the good stuff.

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About the author, Marc

Marc Alifanz is the co-host of the Hostile Work Environment Podcast with Marc and Dennis, and founder of Four Peaks Employment Advisors. Marc lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Tracy and precocious 8-year old twin daughters.

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