Episode 19 – Don’t Throw the Feces of Deceased People in the Workplace


So, you think you have a crappy job?  We’re willing to bet it’s not as crappy as this whisteblower’s job in a crematorium.  (Warning-if the title of this episode creeps you out, you should really listen to whatever NPR is offering this week).  A plastic pumpkin leads to an arrest and a case of workers’ comp fraud.  A listener tells us how to get better service when getting gas in Oregon.  And speaking of gas, there are farts.

Also, curling is awesome.

About the author, Marc

Marc Alifanz is the co-host of the Hostile Work Environment Podcast with Marc and Dennis, and founder of Four Peaks Employment Advisors. Marc lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Tracy and precocious 8-year old twin daughters.

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