Episode 35 – The Dark Ages of Deoderant

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Some people work for peanuts, other people won’t work in a workplace with peanuts — Marc and Dennis explore a disability lawsuit where peanuts figure quite prominently.

Dennis tells an international tale with an interesting defense to a sex harassment claim.

And Marc tells an uplifting tale of workplace body odor and how a social worker can help any employment situation.

About the author, Marc

Marc Alifanz is the co-host of the Hostile Work Environment Podcast with Marc and Dennis, and founder of Four Peaks Employment Advisors. Marc lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Tracy and precocious 8-year old twin daughters.


  1. Observer on 07/09/2018 at 4:19 PM

    I’d like to point out that “questions” you bring up in terms of whether she actually has an allergy speaks to huge ignorance of allergy.

    Firstly, her doctor documented her allergy. Secondly, when someone needs to go to urgent care the fact that they make it back to work later doesn’t mean that their reaction was fake. It means that she recovered fairly well, and was trying to keep her attendance record up. Finally, she had multiple incidents, including one where she was on the floor throwing up! That’s not fake!

    She didn’t even ask for the entire company to to be peanut free. But her boss and coworkers went waaaay beyond eating peanuts in the cafeteria! They put peanuts on her desk and chair, they chased her with peanuts, etc. In short, they did not make even the most basic effort to accommodate her.

    Assuming the facts as stated are correct, of course.

  2. Observer on 07/09/2018 at 4:30 PM

    PS I realize that one of you has an allergy, but you seem to overlook that allergies work in very different ways for a lot of people.

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