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Episode 47 – A Judge is Kinda Supposed to Know the Rules of Evidence


Is it a BFOQ for a judge to know the rules of evidence, or how to make a cogent argument? Should that go double for a Supreme Court Justice?  Marc and Dennis (both admitted Bolsheviks) give their take on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation mess.  And seriously check out this article we discovered after we recorded,…

Episode 41 – The Raving Racist Customer is Always Right


What should a hospital do when a patient insists on a female doctor?  A Muslim therapist?  A white nurse?  Marc and Dennis break down the legal issues that arise when a customer demands service based on gender, religion or in some cases, race. What if your religion forbids you from shaking hands with the opposite sex?…

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Episode 21 – The Per Capita Strip Club Capital of North America


Dennis returns from trial. We discuss first day of law school scary stories. Marc asks when is a BFOQ really a BFOQ.  A discussion of Hamilton.  Marc totally name-drops Lin Manuel.  Christian colleges discriminate in hiring. A transgender funeral director is victorious. A sobering but compelling listener story. Check us out on Patreon — we now…