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Episode 52 – Sometimes You Should Just Shut the Fork Up (Live from PNERF 11-8-18)


What are the top five employment law risks you should know about? Is it okay to classify your fast food workers as executives? How can a job interview lead to a lawsuit? Is Catholo-Satanism a real religion? Marc and Dennis explore these topics live before a studio audience at the NW Enterprise Risk forum in…

Episode 22 – Hate to Break it to You, But I Think You’re an Anti-Semite


Marc and Dennis talk about Jewish Holidays, a clever segue into an epic tale of antisemitism, intolerance, the internet, poor choices, and lard pie crusts. They break down an equally epic live twitter stream of a workplace investigation. Finally, can dead people sue you (without rising from the grave or any of that Twilight nonsense)? …

Episode 14 – Santa Comes and Murders the Group with an Axe


Many thanks to our good friend Dan Schwartz of Shipman and Goodwin for joining us to discuss bad romance. His Connecticut Employment Law Blog is the grand-daddy gold standard of employment law blogs. F-M-L-A or Fem-La?  Acronym vs. Initialism. The debate of the century! Merry Axemas to all, and to all, a merry Axemas! SUBMIT YOUR STORIES…

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