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Episode 31 – The Hamslinger


When is it okay to discriminate against gay folks?  (Hint: never.) When is it okay to call someone the C-Word?  (Hint: never.) When is it okay to throw sizzling hot ham in a coworker’s face? (Hint: rarely.) We discuss these issues and  more in this very special episode of the Hostile Work Environment, featuring special…

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Episode 5 — Either Brilliant, or the Most Reprehensible Thing Ever


Here’s the Washington Post article about the religious/sexual orientation discrimination case against the New Mexico State Aggies. Read more about the Barstool Sports employment agreement, and the controversy it has sparked. If you need a laugh, watch this great parody of a bad anti-harassment video. (NOTE:  this is massively, very very completely NSFW, so watch it with your…