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Episode 52 – Sometimes You Should Just Shut the Fork Up (Live from PNERF 11-8-18)


What are the top five employment law risks you should know about? Is it okay to classify your fast food workers as executives? How can a job interview lead to a lawsuit? Is Catholo-Satanism a real religion? Marc and Dennis explore these topics live before a studio audience at the NW Enterprise Risk forum in…

Episode 44 – Work is Boring


Which is the more heinous offense:  Using a bad pun on your name as a business name, or forcing your employees to attend bible study during working hours? Do your good intentions outweigh your employment law violations? What does a pre-millennial think about the modern workplace?  (hint-it involves farts.) And finally, is there a difference…

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Episode 21 – The Per Capita Strip Club Capital of North America


Dennis returns from trial. We discuss first day of law school scary stories. Marc asks when is a BFOQ really a BFOQ.  A discussion of Hamilton.  Marc totally name-drops Lin Manuel.  Christian colleges discriminate in hiring. A transgender funeral director is victorious. A sobering but compelling listener story. Check us out on Patreon — we now…

Episode 5 — Either Brilliant, or the Most Reprehensible Thing Ever


Here’s the Washington Post article about the religious/sexual orientation discrimination case against the New Mexico State Aggies. Read more about the Barstool Sports employment agreement, and the controversy it has sparked. If you need a laugh, watch this great parody of a bad anti-harassment video. (NOTE:  this is massively, very very completely NSFW, so watch it with your…