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Episode 13 – Clean the Trailer (While Wearing a French Maid’s Costume)


The case of Jennifer and Dan is Westendorf v. West Coast Contractors of Nevada, Inc. Our case of the vacationing FMLA non-abuser is Jones v. Gulf Coast Healthcare. Only two days left to buy HWE tees and mugs. Get them NOW. Patreon. We still don’t cover our expenses every month. Please support us. Every $…

Episode 10 – I Mean Bombthrowing Figuratively, Of Course


Ann Fromholz joins us. She’s the bomb. Like, seriously. If you’re in California and need help, you should hire her. We discuss the Damore v. Google complaint. It has plenty of words, but actually feels more like a picture book. And still somehow has less substance than most children’s books. Also, you’ve all been bitching…

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